D line.

  • Primary Grinding of Several Materials
  • Welded Steel Structure
  • Low Power Consumption x Production
  • Extreme Shock Prevention System
  • 1 or 2 Drives (electric or hydraulic)


Our D-Line shredders are equipment developed for a variety of applications. If your company produces a range of materials or waste, our D-Line shredders are certainly your best choice. Our products are designed according to the requirements of the material to be shredded, and can process metal contaminants, among others.

The final outputs are “strips” on the width of the cutters, that typically range between 25 and 75mm. Our project also includes scrapers, high performance locking system and auto-reverse shafts to protect against non-shreddable materials.

With a lot of power and cutting chamber options, our models meet your needs.



Besides manufacturing two-shaft shredders with conventional cutters, we also offer machines with insert cutters.

Conventional cutters: suitable for shredding different kinds of materials.
Interchangeable insert cutters: suitable for constant and homogeneous shredding of uniform materials.



Alternative fuel from waste: waste preparation for co-processing.

Organic waste: food scraps, parts of animals, expired products, etc.

Brand and product protection: destruction of brands and goods not to go to the market.

Electronic scrap: processing of CPUs, monitors, mobile devices.

Waste treatment and disposition: disfigurement and destruction of biological and pharmaceutical products.

Tires: cars, trucks, agricultural and “offroad” OTR.

Plastics: sludge, films, injected, blown, loose or compacted.

Wood waste: pallets and packaging.

Paper and confidential documents: documents, folders, archives, cardboard boxes, paper rolls, etc.

Textiles: carpets, fabrics, clothes, foams.

Technical Information

D Line

  • Power:
  • Cutting Chamber (WxL):
  • Machine Length:
  • Machine Width:
  • Weight:
  • Production Capacity:

Model D10

  • 4 HP (3 kW)
  • 210 mm x 375 mm
  • 1550 mm
  • 765 mm
  • 510 kg
  • 0,15 a 1,0 t/h

Model D19

  • 25 HP (7,5 kW)
  • 480 mm x 700 mm
  • 2250 mm
  • 1020 mm
  • 1350 kg
  • 0,8 a 3,0 t/h

Model D460

  • 100-150 HP (75-113 kW)
  • 890 mm x 1315 mm
  • 4165 mm
  • 1620 mm
  • 6900 kg
  • 5,0 a 12,0 t/h

Model D690

  • 300-400 HP (226-300 kW)
  • 1320 mm x 1905 mm
  • 5640 mm
  • 2355 mm
  • 25000 kg
  • 8,0 a 20,0 t/h
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