With our expertise and knowledge in shredding plants, we are able to offer our clients all our capacity in determining and producing commonly used accessories for shredding plants, such as:


Used for crushed material transportation or yet to feed the shredder equipment. We can offer the following types of conveyors.

– Belt conveyors: conveyors addressed to transport metal waste with fluids as automotive oil, among others. Manufactured in special steel profile, with flat rollers and trunking for material retention. Available widths between 16” and 72”, and length will be set according to customer’s layout, and rubber specially covered under clients’ preferences.

– Screw conveyors: manufactured in carbon and stainless steel, and addressed to carry short-distance enclosed materials, for semi-humid and dry materials, suited for horizontal, inclined or vertical transportation.



Designed to provide constant material flow to the following operations, and to avoid overload or shortage during the material supply, as well as to ensure full capacity to receive a large volume of material per load.

Chain feeder: provides temporary storage and the supply of dry and semi-humid materials, with different granulometry. Manufactured in widths between 500 and 1500 mm, with power outputs between 7,5 CV and 50 CV.


Rake classifier: Widths of 800 mm and 1200 mm, with one, two or three decks. Length and screen according to the project.

Vibration AF: Widths of 600, 800, 1200 and 1500 mm, with one or two decks. Length according to the project.

Vibration per resonance: Widths of 800 and 1200 mm, with one or two decks. Length according to the project.

Rotative classifier: Diameter of 1600 mm x 6000 mm, with screen to be defined.

– Separators (magnetics, ECS, Optical etc).

– Storage (hoppers, silos etc).

– Shredding plants project and layout.

– Consulting and advisory in shredding projects.

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