Q Line.

  • Primary and Secondary Grinding
  • Uniform and Constant Particles
  • Low Power Consumption x Production
  • Extreme Shock Prevention System
  • Electric Drive (double) or Hydraulic Drive


Our Q-Line equipment are heavy-duty and more suitable for the hardest tasks, when it is necessary to produce constant and uniform particles that range between 15 and 100 mm.

Four-shaft shredders process and re-process materials until they fit the screen gaps. All in a single machine, saving space in your company, as well as reducing costs with equipment management, maintenance and supervision.

Its low-speed system generates little noise, requires no special footprints, and in addition it is capable of managing non-shreddable materials, which is a known issue for medium and high-speed shredders.

Its operation benefits the use of automatic separation applications, such as magnetic extractors, ECS (eddy current separators), optical separators, among others, since the way it operates encourages mixed material separation.



Alternative fuel from waste: waste preparation for co-processing uniform particle sizes that range from 30 to 100 mm.

Brand and product protection: destruction of brands and goods not to go to the market.

Electronic scrap: processing of CPUs, monitors, mobile devices.

Waste treatment and disposition: disfigurement and destruction of biological and pharmaceutical products.

Tires: cars, trucks, agricultural and “offroad” OTR.

Plastics: sludge, films, injected, blown, loose or compacted.

Wood waste: pallets and packaging.

Paper and confidential documents: documents, folders, archives, cardboard boxes, paper rolls, etc.

Textiles: carpets, fabrics, clothes, foams.

Technical Information

Q Line

  • Power:
  • Cutting Chamber (WxL):
  • Machine Length:
  • Machine Width:
  • Weight:
  • Production Capacity:

Model Q2923

  • 30 HP (22 kW)
  • 780 mm x 600 mm
  • 2340 mm
  • 1196 mm
  • 2780 kg
  • 0,3 a 1,5 t/h

Model Q365

  • 60 HP (45 kW)
  • 866 mm x 800 mm
  • 2990 mm
  • 1452 mm
  • 4500 kg
  • 0,6 a 3,5 t/h

Model Q460

  • 150-200 (113-188 kW)
  • 1380 mm x 1315 mm
  • 4210 mm
  • 2185 mm
  • 13100 kg
  • 2,0 a 8,0 t/h

Model Q690

  • 300-600 HP (220-440 kW)
  • 2075 mm x 1905 mm
  • 5335 mm
  • 2285 mm
  • 38700 kg
  • 6,0 a 18,0 t/h
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